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What Neogen Can Offer Breeders

Email trace@lit.co.zw if you need more information

Neogen is a leading DNA laboratory for SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) tests – see memo from Dr Michael Bradfield, LRF CEO, in ‘Once-Off DNA SNP Offer for LRF Societies’. Whilst their Special Offer to ZHB Members expired on 28 February 2022, breeders need to understand these technologies and use them. To learn more, follow the links below to access relevant documents and video.

The industry is moving away from 12 to 16 microsatellite markers (method currently used for parentage verification) to SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms).Currently, an animals’ genome is being profiled with SNP chips of 50 to 100,000 base pairs (i.e. 50k and 100k chips). The SNP profile can be used for parentage verification, testing for genetic deformities and to improve accuracy of EBV estimates, termed Genomic-EBVs or GEBVs. The latter being dependent on the building of reference populations (with animals that have been performance recorded and SNP profiled).

However, the two technologies are not compatible, that is, progeny that are SNP profiled cannot be parentage verified against parents that were microsatellite profiled. Note that Neogen will not accept hair follicle samples in an envelope and samples must be collected on special cards (see attached Igenity ® Hair Sample Instructions).

For more information download the documents below and see Izaan du Plooy's presentation:



DNA2 Neogen hair card instructions LRF SNP meeting 23 Nov 2021 Izaan du Plooy Once off DNA SNP offer for LRF Societies LRF Technical Officer
Izaan du Plooy's presentation
Gary Evans of Neogen's presentation