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For detailed data about pedigree livestock in Zimbabwe (and elsewhere) follow these useful links to the BREEDPLAN databases provided by the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) based in Australia.

Database searches are easily done via the Livestock Registering Federation (LRF) website - which in turn takes you to the relevant page on the ABRI website - from where you can drill down into the Zimbabwean breeds and breeders data - and by going direct to the ABRI website.

Both websites are packed with useful information for livestock breeders.

Agricultural Business Research Institute




Livestock Registering Federation






Beef cattle breeds can be grouped into six sub-groups:

Group Sub-Group Breeds General Characteristics
Bos Taurus British Hereford, Sussex, Angus Medium to large, fast growth
European Simmental, Limousin, Blonde d'Aquitaine Large to very large, very fast growth
African Mashona, Nguni, Tuli Small to medium, excellent reproduction and survival
Bos Indicus African Boran Small to medium, excellent reproduction and survival
Indian Brahman Medium to large, adapted to the tropics
Synthetics Beefmaster, Bonsmara, Charbray, Drought Master, Santa Gertrudis, Senepol and Simbra
Zimbabwe Herd Book Cattle and Goat Breeds in Pictures:
Brahman Breeders Society logo Boran Breeders society logo These Breeders' Societies fall under the Zimbabwe Herd Book's umbrella and look after the interests of stud breeders of their specific breed.

To visit their websites,
click the relevant logo.

Mashona Cattle society of Zimbabwe web banner

Tuli Cattle Society logo

Click the banner below to visit the Tuli Cattle Federation of Southern Africa's website. This Federation was launched in 2021.

Tuli Cattle Federation of Southern Africa web banner