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The National Breed Sale 2023 took place on 28 August.

Watch this space for the report-back and stats on the 2023 Sale.

To see the Catalogue for the 2023 NBS click here

54th National Breed Sale – July 2022

More than 500 buyers, sellers and general public welcomed the opportunity to attend the Herd Book’s premier event of the year, the 2022 National Breed Sale. Bulls and heifers were inspected by John Crawford and Dr Japie Jackson, resulting in an elite yarding of 71 bulls and 58 heifers being offered for sale.

Viewing and bidding was also available online via the SwiftVEE sales platform.

Prices remained firm and comparable with 2021, averaging USD 4,962 for bulls and USD 1,700 for heifers.

Demand for Brahman was strong with a top price of USD 13,500 for an OD Brahman bull followed by USD 11,000 for a Ruvale Brahman bull. Top prices for bulls from other breeds were USD 8,500 for a Ruvale Beefmaster, USD7,000 for a Langton Boran and USD 5,500 for a Jambo Tuli.

For the second consecutive year, Nkone bulls were on offer with a top price of USD 3,000. It was both surprising and disappointing to note limited interest for outstanding Simbra and Simmental bulls on offer.

A Very Succcessful National Breed Sale on 28 July 2021

The 53rd Annual National Breed Sale, hosted by Zimbabwe Herd Book, went very well indeed. No less than 3346 people followed the Sale online!

Two Boer Goat bucks, 70 bulls and 85 heifers representing eight beef breeds were on offer. While there were no buyers for the two excellent Boer Goat bucks that started the Sale, the prices for Brahman heifers that followed opened firmly and remained firm for subsequent lots of bulls and heifers.

When Lot 130, a Brahman bull belonging to Mr Odendaal, entered the ring from the closing group of Brahman bulls, bidding was fervent and a price of ZWL 3.6 million secured the bull for an online buyer.

Four bulls later, Lot 134, 18/36RV from the Ruvale Brahman stud, fetched the same price of ZWL 3.6 million. This set the tone for the rest of the Sale; prices remained firm and demand for remaining Brahman bulls and heifers on offer was high.

The average price of bulls was ZWL 750,368; 52% higher than last year’s average. The average heifer price was ZWL 261,446.

Average Brahman bull and heifer prices were ZWL 940,929 and ZWL 303,269 respectively. Demand for Beefmaster bulls was firm, averaging ZWL 724,167 with a high of ZWL 1.0 million from the Pilosoff’s Ruvale Beefmaster Stud.

Click HERE for full report on the 2021 NBS

The two top priced bulls are pictured below.
Both went for ZWL 3.6 million.

Lot 130 - 18/20OD - OD Brahmans - Dirk Odendaal


The top priced Beefmaster bull seen below went for ZWL 1 million.
Lot 82 - 18/50VR - Ruvale Beefmasters - Paul and Grant Pilossof
Below: Lot 134 - 18/36RV - Ruvale Brahmans - Paul and Grant Pilossof
NBS-Lot-82 NBS-Lot-134
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